Every project begins with conceptual designs and plans – something to help visualize what are often hazy ideas. Productions always move more quickly and efficiently when everyone is on board and excited with the overall design. 

Developing the idea

Always using the latest technology, Mr. Major creates hand drawings, 3-D models and renderings, then prepares an extremely impressive presentation that directors, producers and all other departments can use as their key visual reference.

Highest production value within budget

Today the reality for everyone involved in film production is limited budgets and tight schedules. Mr. Major prides himself upon being resourceful and agile, making sure that the highest production value is achieved within given constraints. Throughout his career, an organized, focused effort has resulted in hundreds of beautiful sets finished on time and on budget. Producers know his extensive experience in design and construction under every kind of challenging situation will guarantee the best for the limitation on their particular project.

Life On Set

Design in the process.

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